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About Technology

Who We Are

We have extensive experience in printing technology for the past 20 years. Especially for the acrylic, We provide commercial quality, full-color print transfer technology to acrylic sheets, up to A4 Size. In market today, acrylic sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and finishes to suit a wide range of interior decorative purposes.

Acrylic sheet has a lot of different applications for commercial and residential interior decoration. However, acrylic sheeting can also be used at home or office. Because acrylic sheet is durable. it’s great for decorating small space at your convenient.

Technology Features

Printing on acrylic enhances beauty of interiors or exteriors spaces or any application you can imagine. Crisp, colorful & fascinating, printed acrylic captivates your customer attention.

  • Easy to install
  • No maintenance
  • No pre-coating required
  • Less space required
  • Commercial quality
  • Breathable media ( Max. A4 size )
  • Customize print
  • Simple process
  • Easy DIY crafts
  • Cost effective

Technology Benefits

Easy to Install

Our insta print technology is quick and easy to install – perfect for continuous usage in home environments.

Variety of Finishes

Our technology can transform a lifeless acrylic object into a vibrant decorative feature. Choose a finish according to the type of thickness, size and durability required.


With the ever-improving printing technology and ink technology, along with the breathable media provide an inexpensive way to make printed acrylic displays

High Durability

Epson's high-performance commercial printer deliver high-durable and reliable print on acrylic panels that needs to withstand harsh environments.

Unique Design

Become the manufacturer of absolutely unique interior decorative and sell unique Design products at low prices in India.

Easy to Cut

Cutting acrylic sheet is a fairly easy task to accomplish through which we can get desired shape and style once choosing a method that works best for you and your skill level

Easy to Bend

You can permanently bend these acrylic sheets for multiple interior decorative projects, like making display cases or artwork, with a bending fixture.

Ideal for DIY projects

Our technology helps you to create best cheap DIY projects that are not only inexpensive, but they are easy to make with commercial quality.


Your photo printed behind crystal clear acrylic sheet gives incredible depth and a clean modern look showcased in our portfolio

What our clients say

Their next update "Insta Acrylic Print" seems to be gorgeous, the acrylic bend feature on the package is killer, and the pricing is unbelievable. I always come back for more.

Smt. Rajeshwari
Owner, Royal 3D tiles

I owned their tiles printing technology and was overwhelmed by how lovely plain tiles turned out. Their new venture " Insta Acrylic Print" will be a breakthrough.

Mr. Veeresh
Owner, Galaxy Imaging

First time trying out the Acrylic print business and really like it. Printing process is simple and printed acrylic looks great. Love their printing technology.

Mr. Muthurathinam
Owner, Smart Creators

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